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Tape In and Sew in Extensions

   Hair extensions are the easiest and most overlooked service when it comes to changing your style or getting the hair goals you desire.


   So often we are misled to believe they are damaging and useless. However, with the right stylist paired with the right knowledge and skills you might find that your hair goals are not as far fetched as you may think.


   Here at C Marie Style we only do business with High quality, Top Graded hair extensions that are always customized to each client's needs. Whether your hair is fine and damaged, or you are just looking to add length and a new color.


   Hair extensions just may be the fix you looking for. Who said you can't have that silver smoke ombre without bleaching your hair.

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Not sure if extensions are right for you?

A simple consultation will help us create a customized game plan to give you the best option for introducing you to the extension world.

   With my one of a kind Extensions consultation, you will learn;

-The best methods of installation (i.e hand-tied or tape in) for your hair type.

- How to achieve the look your dream of.

-How to maintain the look you want.

-Customization plans for both extensions and your own hair

-Purchase options and more.





Your hair is your crown lets show it off to the world.

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